My fall pocket dump (With a pop of orange)

Vy Nguyen
Filmmaker (age 26)
Tallahassee, Florida
As I'm writing this, I see that I didn't take the time to line up all of my objects perfectly. My OCD is telling me to delete this entire post and re-do the photo, but for the sake of utilitarianism and spirit of the, "pocket dump," I'll leave it as be. The recent purchase of my first adult watch sparked me to submit this post. I've been refining my EDC over the past few years and am very happy with how things have progressed. Traditionally, my color palette includes a lot of dark colored hues, but this year, I've embraced a pop of color in the form of orange. The bright color allows me to easily spot the lost phone that slips through the crack of my couch. All in all, as a video producer, I'm either at my desk all day, or on the move, and so my EDC has to be lightweight, versatile, and minimal. I feel like I've achieved this and look forward to even more refinement in the next year!

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