EDC loadout 1/2015

Boston, Massachusetts

travel kit

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Gerald Woller ·
I have the same HAWG. I love that bag!
Randy Lallouz ·
I've got this exact bag!! And I love it!! Just the right size.. There is only one thing that needs to be added to this pack!! IMO is a waterproof cover!! I've got one.. and comes in handy on those rainy days!!
Toshi-mon ·
I agree! I don't have a waterproof cover (which is an awesome idea) but I haven't had any problems even in pouring rain. As long as I keep the zipper tips on the side and covers flipped it seems to keep the water out. Best bag I've ever owned.
craig b ·
Looks good! What's with the zipties?
Brian Mitchell ·
Everything from emergency auto repair to keeping your pants up.
Toshi-mon ·
Thanks guys!
@Bernard do you know if there's a way to re-upload just the image under the same submission? Thanks!
Bernard Capulong ·
You can send me an email at bernard [at] everydaycarry.com and i'll take care of that for you this time.
Toshi-mon ·
message sent. Thanks!
Bernard Capulong ·
Nice kit! But next time you wanna submit, don't worry about numbering the items. Our submission tools can do that for you B)
Chris Szaroleta ·
Awesome loadout!
Jakob Storgaard ·
I love the backpack!
Toshi-mon ·
Thanks, best pack I've ever owned!
Kevin McDowell ·
Yeah, sweet looking pack man. Gotta get some more patches for it
Toshi-mon ·
Love rocking the battle flag overseas haha (I'm not in the service). got any recommendations? I usually just keep the patches off.