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Ridge KeyCase

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Ridge KeyCase

You might already be familiar with Ridge and their iconic minimalist wallets. But they’re always innovating ways to help you continue carrying less while never missing what you need. And just like how the Ridge Wallet has helped many EDCers organize and streamline their wallet carry, the Ridge KeyCase takes care of business for your keys, getting rid of the jingling and the bulk inside your pockets.

Sporting Ridge’s patent-pending tension plate system, the KeyCase consists of a single piece of 6061-T6 aluminum machined in a U-shape that gives it the tension to expand or shrink depending on how many keys you need to carry, and able to accommodate between 2-5 keys. Like an EDC knife’s handles, each side of the KeyCase comes installed with plates in gunmetal aluminum or carbon fiber, reminiscent of Ridge’s wallets. Your keys are held in place by a Bolt Tool that you can tighten or loosen to your preference, while a cutout lets your swing them out as needed.

The KeyCase follows suit with Ridge’s minimalist design, staying small just under 3“ and weighing in at 2.5 oz so it adds little footprint to your existing key setup. You also get two carry options: a black keyring and a pocket clip. You can use the keyring to attach it to another piece of gear or adding keychain-sized accessories, like a car fob or a keychain light. Or you can use the clip to keep it secure in your pockets or gear similar to the rest of your EDC.

Aluminum or carbon fiber, clip or keyring, the Ridge KeyCase has the options for styling and streamlining your carry and eliminating the mess that comes with carrying keys. And like all their products, Ridge are backing up their confidence in the KeyCase with a lifetime warranty. Pick one up from Ridge at the links below.

Pick up the KeyCase in Gunmetal Aluminum

Pick up the KeyCase in Carbon Fiber

This is a sponsored post presented by Ridge.

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