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The 5 Best Gift Ideas from Gerber

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The 5 Best Gift Ideas from Gerber

Through the years, Gerber has been a rock-solid source for EDC gear, from simple but efficient keychain tools like the Shard, all the way to modern pocket-friendly companions in the Prybrids, Armbars, and Lockdowns. Not to mention that they’re continuously pushing themselves to make better products, like the American-made Fastball and a full custom shop to let you built the perfect knife for EDC. In this guide we take a look at 5 of their best-selling products to give you even more gift ideas, especially with the holidays fast approaching.


The Fastball is Gerber’s first swing at a high-performance, speedy, and compact flipper. With its versatile wharncliffe blade and a no-nonsense build, it’s a workhorse knife that fits like a glove for EDC. Just a nudge on the finger flipper and the blade flies out on Gerber’s patented B.O.S.S. Tech ball bearing system, its stainless steel ball bearings reducing friction and the cage system allowing stable performance over time. A modified wharncliffe blade (useful for both precision cuts and larger cutting tasks) at the 3” sweet spot keeps things nimble and the S30V steel offers excellent edge retention and corrosion resistance.

A liner lock secures the blade when in use within the aircraft-grade aluminum handles, and unique to the Fastball is the fact that the liner itself is only on one side of the handles to further save on overall weight. At only 2.7 ounces, it makes for a slim and lightweight addition to any loadout, and is discreet enough to use in any setting.

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Lockdown Pry

Gerber has been knocking it out of the park with their compact tools, and the Lockdown series is their latest and most versatile yet. As its name suggests, Pry version of the Lockdown comes in a cast form factor with a split pry end for both scraping and pulling duty, and comes with a clip for ease of carry from task to task. Its unique feature is its ensemble of 4 pull-out tools from its sides, including two blades (one of which comes with an exchangeable #11 craft utility blade), scissors, and a file with a chisel edge. The unique and EDC-ready form factor is a great addition to any toolkit, and a great gift for those who may still be trying to pry open things with the tip of their knife.

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Armbar Drive

Speaking of compact tools, Gerber’s Armbar series is as minimalist as you can get for a multi-tool, while still offering all the utility you need for everyday carry. The core of the Drive is of course an extendable bit driver, with an included two-sided bit with both a Philips and and flat head for regular tasks. The aluminum handle holds the rest of the tools, including a 2.5" blade that deploys via thumbhole and is held in place by a sturdy framelock an awl, and a pair of scissors.

The reinforced tail end of the handle functions as an impromptu hammer, and this piece opens up to give you a combination prybar and bottle opener. All this in a package that’s 3.625" closed and 3.1 ounces, making the Armbar Drive a lightweight essential equipped with just the essentials.

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Prybrid Utility

When the Prybrid Utility first came out it made waves for turning the utility blade design on its head, offering minimalist but robust construction you’d see more on an EDC knife than the usual hardware store fare. The re-engineering of the standard box cutter offered the convenience of standard replaceable blades while also featuring seven other functions. A steel-cased slide mechanism deploys and retracts the blade, and extending it allows for quick and easy replacement. The spine of the tool provides a rigid platform for a prybar, while integrating a wire stripper, a nail puller, flathead drivers, and an always useful bottle opener.

Under the tool there’s a cord cutter notch that allows you to sever cordage or webbing without having to deploy the main blade. All of this is sandwiched between textured and tough G10 scales that help with handling and grip, and also gives the Prybrid solid colorways in gray and olive to better match the rest of your carry.

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Armbar Cork

Like the Drive, the Armbar Cork is meant to be a minimalist multi-tool, but this one in particular covers the spread between work and play, with a focus on beverage-opening tools rather than its sibling’s bit drier core. Three distinct tools cover your bases for your favorite brew or spirit, including a bottle opener, foil cutter, and its namesake corkscrew,  while bolstered by other essentials like a plain edge blade, scissors, and a similar hammer/prybar like the Drive.

Whichever tool between the two you use, the Armbar series offers maximum utility with minimal fuss and footprint, making them excellent gifts or stocking stuffers to the EDCers on your list.

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From multi-tools that finish the to-do list to pocket knives that will make friends jealous, you can't go wrong with any of these picks. Check out the complete Gerber Gift Guide below.  For a limited time, get 20% off with code HOLIDAYS20 through December 15th. 

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