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I had that same Kingston flash drive until one day I discovered that the insides had dropped out of it. I would get some kind of snug fitting cap for it if I were you or get an Adata s805 carabinger drive.
Great gear bud. Loving that Sebbie!
Nice looking setup! That flashlight is interesting and expensive!
Thanks Michael. Yeah the flashlight was pricey but worth every penny. Let's just say that this is a light that I will get to pass on to my future sons haha.
Nice to see another mech vape setup on here! Great EDC!
My parallel universe brother from Reddit (Katips here)! Glad to see you on the site. :)
Nice to see you again bro. I was shocked to see myself on the front page haha. There are plenty of posts on here that are great also.
Is your Sebenza black?
Just the lighting. May seem darker from the WD40 coating I did like they do at the CRK shop before shipments.
Gotcha. Thanks for the reply. Really nice carry.