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Gerber EAB Utility Knife

Mikey Bautista

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Carrying a knife in some areas of the world is oftentimes restricted and regulated, leaving you in situations where you need an edged tool but are unable to bring one with you. Enter the Gerber Exchange-A-Blade, a utility blade that provides excellent value in being a legitimate and functional tool, while also demonstrating the design and aesthetic of its larger brethren. The EAB is extremely affordable at under $10, and you never have to worry about losing or sharpening its edge with its namesake ability to replace its blade with standard or contractor-grade utility blades. It has the appearance of a stylish folder with EDC-friendly features to match: only 2.2 oz and 2.4" when closed, liner lock for secure cutting action, and a wide clip able to hold your cash and cards. If you're looking for a tool with more flair and utility than a box cutter yet equally harmless in public, then it might be time to trade in your daily carry for the EAB.


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Joaquin ·
I purchased two of the G-10 handle version of this knife and I love them. They don't make that version anymore and I wished I had bought more.
James C ·
I really like the concept of this. If you're going somewhere where a normal knife would get confiscated, like an airport, you could (responsibly) throw away just the blade and probably get to keep the rest of the tool.
I use it and love it.
Grant ·
I have and love this knife. Excellent for every day carry. I hate sharpening knives and I am terrible at it. I also hate situations where I really need to cut something but I choose not to because I don't want to dull some expensive pocketknife. This concept completely eliminates that concern. I cut anything and everything with it without a second thought.
Chris Szaroleta ·
Under $10? Not too shabby!