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GORUCK x Huckberry GR2 Slick 40L

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Jonathan Tayag
GORUCK x Huckberry GR2 Slick 40L

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If you’ve been around the world of everyday carry, you’ve probably heard of GORUCK’s practically bombproof ruckpacks like the GR2. The formula is simple: take a no-frills silhouette for an EDC backpack, give it the right amount of space and enough internal organization, and build it to last with CORDURA nylon and overbuilt manufacturing that will take far more of a beating than your standard backpack.

The result is a wildly popular pack that’s held up as one of the best for any situation it finds itself in. The bags’ enduring quality and reputation also means opportunities for experimentation and collaboration, such as those with Carryology and Huckberry. This year, GORUCK teams up again with the latter, bringing the clean and urban Slick variant of the classic GR1 to the travel-focused, do-it-all GR2, in a larger size for the ultimate companion for one-bag adventures.

Like the GR1 Slick that came before it, the front slash pocket is the sole detail on the GR2’s front exterior. While the interior retains the webbing for expansion and customization, the rows on the bottom front and sides of the original GR2 design have been removed, as has the loop field above the zippered pocket. This gives the bag a completely sterile, sleek profile, letting it fit right at home in an office as much as on a week-long excursion.

The design of the GR2 Slick takes a less-is-more approach both with its exterior design and how you carry your gear. Its main compartment opens flat, giving you full organizational control thanks to three rows of MOLLE-compatible webbing on the interior for adding your own pouches and modular gear. Below that you have access to a wide drop pocket for securing flat items like tablets and documents, and on the facing panel you have the two zip pockets familiar to other GORUCK models.

The front compartment is unique to the GR2 model, offering a whole extra space to pack in, more mesh zip pockets, and a unique floating pouch close to the top that’s a great catch-all for your EDC and other essentials that’s both spacious and easy to access.

Behind the main compartment under the straps lies the signature bombproof laptop compartment, able to hold up to a 17“ laptop, with the padded shoulder straps making it easier to carry a larger loadout up to the bag’s full 40 liter capacity. But despite its larger size compared to the more EDC-focused GR1 and smaller GR2 sizes, this 40L is still within TSA airline requirements, meaning it’s plenty usable as a carry-on.

Travel is starting to open up around the world, and the timing is perfect for the GR2 Slick to make its debut. It’s the perfect travel companion, with a low-profile and minimalist take on the iconic GORUCK design and sized right for all of your excursions and loadouts. Pick up this exclusive collaboration at the link below.

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