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Trending: Knockaround Premiums Sunglasses

Gabriel Colin
Trending: Knockaround Premiums Sunglasses

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While most EDCers prepare for the weather in some way when building their EDC, sometimes it’s easy to forget that like rain, sunny conditions are also something to prepare for. If you’ve been looking for a pair of sunglasses made to withstand the rough and tumble of EDC, the Knockaround Premiums are worth a look. True to their name, the Knockarounds were designed with durability first and foremost. They feature a high quality polycarbonate frame that not only helps up their resilience but also helps keep the weight down. This frame also comes with a tighter fit around the arms to ensure they stay comfortable and secure when on your head.

The lenses, are FDA-approved impact resistant, so you can have some extra peace of mind if you ever drop them. They’ve also have been polarized to reduce glare and have a UV400 rating for protection. And while they are more durable than most, the Knockaround Premiums also come with a protective pouch included, facilitating carry options and protecting them from scratches. You can pick up a pair in one of its numerous color combinations at the link below.

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