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Logistics (age 42)
The Moleskine notebook is ideal due to its thinness and dimensions, detachable pages, and pocket in the back cover. The pen utilizes wood hand turned by a friend and assembled from a kit as a gift. The penlight is compact and lightweight enough to carry in my work pants or a suit, but plenty enough light to illuminate an average room. The Kershaw is low profile in both thickness and in its position in my pocket, with a clip that can be positioned for right or left handed, tip up or tip down (I set mine tip up, right hand for quick implementation). The Leatherman provides a more versatile partially serrated blade (which I prefer over the full standard blade of the Kershaw), but is not as quick into service. It also provides a standard and a Phillips screwdriver, which unfortunately relegates it to my cargo pocket due to its thickness. The Candyshell phone case provides ample protection without adding a great deal of bulk. Its smoothness makes it easy to remove from my pocket without hanging up, though I would prefer slightly more texture for when it's set on sloped surfaces like a dashboard or pant leg while seated.

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Nice writing equipment and a solid carry.
Joseph ·
Thank you!
Very cool pen.
Joseph ·
Thanks! I'll pass your compliment on to its builder.