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Fisher “Gold Line” Space Pen

Jonathan Tayag
Fisher “Gold Line” Space Pen

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If you’ve ever heard of the Fisher Space Pen, you’ve probably got an idea of it as a pen that can write anywhere in the worst circumstances, even in the extreme zero-gravity environment of outer space. And while you might not think the daily notes and letters you might write on a day-to-day basis warrant carrying around a special kind of pen, you’ve also likely been let down when you’ve needed a writing tool in a pinch and had to deal with poorly-writing disposable pens at the worst possible times.

That’s where carrying a Fisher Space Pen comes in handy, and if you’re looking to pick one up for your everyday carry, consider making it the new “Gold Line” Fisher Space Pen. The "Gold Line" commemorates National 911 Public Safety Telecommunicators Week in support of 911 dispatchers, the people who need to make sure words get put onto paper quickly, reliably, and accurately. A portion of sales of each “Gold Line” Space Pen provides college scholarships and financial grants to children of first responder parents who have been killed or injured in the line of duty, letting you improve both your EDC and the lives of some very special people in the process.

Like every Fisher Space Pen, the “Gold Line” features a pressurized replaceable ink cartridge that allows the pen to write upside down, under water, in extreme temperatures, and over almost any surface and certainly better than the standard throwaway pen you’ll find chained to your bank teller’s kiosk. The “Gold Line” mates that cartridge with an attractive matte black body emblazoned with a distinctive yellow gold tone line across the top, in keeping with the motif and mission of the pen’s release.

With the Cap-O-Matic design of this pen, the tip is retractable with a twist of the body, revealing the tip of the pen for your writing ease. A twist in the other direction hides the tip from marking what you don’t want and messing up your pockets in the process. The pocket clip at the top helps it stay in place in your pockets while you move to and from.

The Fisher “Gold Line” Space Pen has everything you need to enjoy the sort of rock-solid writing dependability people have come to expect from the family business that has made these pens for decades now from Boulder City, Nevada. Over one million Fisher Space Pens get sold every year—including other commemorative Space Pens—and if you’re looking to add one of these dependable EDC standby pens to your ensemble, click a link below and make the “Gold Line“ yours today.

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KevBayer ·
As a dispatcher, I thank you for featuring this!