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10 Awesome Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Every Dad’s Carry

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10 Awesome Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Every Dad’s Carry

Father's Day is just around the corner, and one of the best ways you can show your appreciation for everything he's done for you is to gift him something not only unique but something that he'd be proud to own and excited to use. EDC gear is perfect for that since every time he uses the gift, he's reminded of you and the thought you put into giving him something more than just a standard greeting card. To make your search easy for you, we've put together this list of great EDC options for Father's Day gifts, many of them with discount codes so that you can save a bit as well.

Ridge Kits Everyday Carry Kits

This Father's Day, Ridge has put out convenient kits of EDC essential gear in giftable packages. The Ridge Kits will make a significant quality of life improvement to your dad's loadout.

At the heart of the Everyday Carry kit is the legendary Ridge Wallet. The Ridge Wallet features a minimalist design and easy-to-use operation. With a Ridge Wallet, your dad can pare down to the essentials with ease. Any Ridge Wallet can carry up to 12 standard ID or payment cards. A Cash Strap or Money Clip is also easy to carry folded bills. And the metal design of the wallet itself integrates RFID protection.

The Everyday Carry kit adds Ridge's new Bolt Action pen to the winning combination of Wallet and Keycase. The Ridge Bolt Action Pen includes a Parker-compatible pressurized refill. That gives it a smooth and reliable writing action. It's also easy to find a replacement in a pinch. The 5.3" pen has enough length without being too big for the pockets. It's also not too small for comfort in extended writing sections. Plus, the CNC-lathed knurled grip makes it easy to grip as well. The bolt action makes for an addicting and fun retractable experience. Every time your dad uses it to fidget with or write, he'll love it.

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Streamlight MacroStream® USB Flashlight

At 4.5" long and 0.83" in diameter, the MacroStream® USB is a compact personal light that fits just as easily in dad's palm as it will in his pockets. Its body features aluminum construction with type II mil-spec anodizing, providing 1 meter of impact resistance. It makes the MacroStream® USB a durable performer while keeping it lightweight at 2.2 oz. The lens features scratch-resistant polycarbonate, and every opening is o-ring sealed giving it an IPX4 rating for water resistance. The MacroStream® USB also keeps the ergonomic shape of its MicroStream® predecessors: slimmer in the middle to provide users with a more secure grip and for ease of use of its two-way clip.

The MacroStream® USB features two simple modes, accessed by a push-button tail-switch. On high, you get a maximum output of 500 lumens with a beam distance of 90 meters and 2 hours of runtime. You get a 50-lumen output with a 30-meter beam and 8 hours of runtime on low. Voltage and power are provided by the li-ion battery, charged with an onboard micro-USB charging port covered by the head of the flashlight for extra protection. When the battery runs low, slide the head forward to reveal the port, and when plugged in, the MacroStream® USB takes about 4 hours to fully recharge. This light fits right in with the rest of dad's tech, giving him a convenient way to charge using existing USB cords.

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G-SHOCK GAB2100 Series

For decades, G-SHOCK has set the standard for durable timepieces. That long history means your father will recognize and appreciate the gift of a G-SHOCK. The new GAB2100 octagonal watch is a tech upgrade to the venerable GA2100, with some impressive updates that your father is sure to love.

The GAB2100 watches now include Smartphone connectivity via Bluetooth that delivers accurate timekeeping and a new level of convenience. In addition, the Tough Solar charging system powers the watch by converting light into energy and eliminates the need for frequent battery changes.

Mixing aesthetic fun while carrying a great EDC watch sets these timepieces apart. Everything that makes a G-SHOCK watch such a compelling EDC option remains. These watches feature a Carbon Core guard built into the case for added durability and are available in colors that will match dad’s style.

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Dango A10 Spec Ops Wallet

This Father's Day, free your dad from the tyranny of a bulky traditional back pocket leather wallet. This is an easy task with the recently-released Dango A10 Spec Ops wallet. The A10 Spec Ops features a vertical design with extreme modularity. It also has a robust design that features utility for the user beyond carrying cards and cash. That's thanks to what Dango calls their 'Adapt' system. That allows your dad to take the base chassis of a wallet and add and remove functions based on need.

The A10 Spec Ops wallet base is a CNC-machined 6061 aerospace aluminum chassis. Dango mated that frame with a DTEX wallet skin that is resilient and water-resistant. The chassis is also Cerakoted for even more durability despite rough use. After that, your dad can choose between a Pocket Adapter that can hold 4-5 payment and ID cards for quick access. There's a bifold adapter with an ID window for dads who carry more. That bifold also comes with a pen slot for streamlined EDC.

The bifold option also comes with the MT01 Clasp multitool. It encloses the bifold and comes with five useful functions. What other wallet comes with five tools, including screwdrivers and a bottle opener? The Dango A10 Spec Ops is about as far away as you can get from the boring leather back pocket wallet. And it's something you should consider gifting to your dad this year.

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Maritime Supply Co. Wax Seal Pendant Collection

The Wax Seal Collection takes its aesthetic from the shape and design of old wax seals. Maritime Supply Co. fashions each of these hand-cast sterling silver pendants in the US. On one side are the words Memento Mori in Latin ("remember you will die"), inspired by the thoughts and teachings of the great Stoic philosophers such as Marcus Aurelius and a reminder to your dad to enjoy and make the most of every moment moving forward. You may also add a custom phrase on the reverse side for an extra special detail for dad.

This heirloom item is a thoughtful accessory that your dad will treasure in the long days to come. Make sure to use code EDC20 to save 20% off this Father's Day when you pick up the Wax Seal Collection by Maritime Supply Co.

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Work Sharp Ceramic Honing Rod

Our dads instilled our love for knives, and it's grown into the hobby we all appreciate today. The best gift for the dad who is into knives (aside from getting them another knife) is a great sharpening system. That will let them maintain the blades they love whenever their tools need some tender love and care. The Work Sharp Ceramic Honing Rod is an excellent option for Father's Day.

Unlike other honing rods, the 20-degree angle of the Work Sharp Ceramic Honing Rod makes it easy. He'll be able to achieve a constant and repeatable edge sharpening on any knife in his collection. That includes getting the carving knife back into shape before cutting up a holiday ham. The Work Sharp Ceramic Honing Rod from EDC to the kitchen is something your dad will love.

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Fenix E35 V3.0 EDC Flashlight

If your dad has been eyeing your compact EDC LED light all year, it's time to get him one of his own. One of the best you can pick up for him is Fenix's new E35 V3.0 EDC flashlight. At only 4.6 inches in length, it features massive 3,000-lumen power out the front. It can put that beam out to an incredible distance of approximately 787 feet. If your dad has been sticking to the dollar store or gas station LED lights, the Fenix puts them to shame. A side-button switch gives him simple and efficient access to the E35's six modes, and a removable pocket clip lets him carry the light easily clipped to his pocket or his favorite bag.

Make sure to use code EDC10 on checkout at Fenix-Store.com to get $10 off all orders over $50. Plus, new members get 20% off if you sign up for email updates about new releases and developments from Fenix-Store.com. Be sure to take advantage of the savings while giving your dad a solid upgrade this year.

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5.11 LV10 Sling Pack

With the LV10 Sling Pack from 5.11, your dad can ditch the big and bulky bag he's carrying now. The sling style of the LV10 Sling makes it easier to carry across either shoulder. For added convenience, the LV10 Sling also features tons of organization space. There's a dedicated tablet pocket for an Android or Apple tablet. If your dad carries a compact laptop under 13 inches, that's a solid fit as well. There's an admin panel for smaller items and stationery without getting lost in the jumble. And this bag is an excellent gift for any dad who CCWs with its dedicated hidden space.

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Gerber Lockdown Pry

We all know Dads pride themselves on their problem-solving abilities, so if it's in his pocket it better do more than cut. The Lockdown Pry from Gerber is a compact tool in a practical EDC package, ideal for those situations where bringing a full-size multi-tool simply doesn't make sense. With its robust selection of 10 total tools, it certainly won't leave him wishing for more either.

Whatever gets thrown at him, he's now just a pocket away from solving it with a cast pry bar, plain edge blade, large and small flathead drivers, scissors, and more. We'd also be remiss not to mention the bottle opener, included for those end-of-the-work weeks, BBQ, tailgate, or campfire drinks.

Up the ante on the typical EDC knife as a gift with the Lockdown Pry–which provides some extra functionality all housed in a form factor that strays from the norm.

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Pelican 14QT Personal Cooler

Nothing beats a cold drink on a hot day. But short of taking a refrigerator with you everywhere, keeping your favorite snacks and brews cool, close at hand, and protected can be a challenge. It's precisely the challenge Pelican's legendary storage cases are built for. And while they may be more familiar with protecting dad's favorite tools and equipment, their new 14QT Personal Cooler takes his weekend get-togethers to the next level.

The Personal Cooler brings Pelican's entire experience with protective equipment to bear with commercial-grade, 1.5"-thick polyurethane walls and a gasketed lid to ensure dad's beverages and perishables stay frosty. Its 14QT capacity can hold a few ice blocks to maintain temperatures, while an inner tray offers more organization and a rigid rack to store more items. There's even a built-in bottle opener with a magnet for a complete and convenient package for dad's favorite drinks. Get the party started and keep it going with Pelican's 3-year warranty.

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