The Workers Titanium Prybars


Give the edge of your EDC blade a break from prying duty with this 3-piece set of titanium prybars. Made by family-owned company, QERIM, the set includes a 2”, 3” and 5.75” prybar that are all made with care in the United States. At .100" thick, the bars can withstand years of heavy duty usage. Each bar has a nail remover hole and a loop to attach a keychain or lanyard for carrying and accessibility. QERIM's prybars look like a great alternative to currently available prybar offerings, especially considering that they're made from titanium. Add-ons include several anodization options and the stretch goal (at $5,500) will include 5 feet of 550 paracord free of charge. The project has just under a week left, and is already fully funded - so new backers from here on out are eligible for a reward.


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Is this available yet? I can't see a release date of this product?