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Memphis, TN

This is my typical everyday carry. I carry my wallet in my front left pocket. My Microstream flash light I put in my jean's watch pocket on my right. I also carry my chapstick and my Gerber dime in my right jeans pocket. Clipped to the inside of my right pocket is my spyderco knife, keys, and key fob. My notebook and pen stays in my back right pocket. I'm right handed, so I wear my watch on my left arm.

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I keep seeing these "field notes" books in all the posts on here. What do you guys write in there?
I have the same Toyota keys and have been debating separating the fob from the key. Do you leave the fob or key in a place and take the other? Or they just sit better in your pocket when separated?
I leave the key fob hanging on the inside of my front right pocket with the buttons facing out. That way I never have to take it out of my pocket... I can just access the buttons thru my jeans.
I've been thinking about a Gerber Dime. Do you find the bottle opener to protrude uncomfortably? Is it removable or does it fold in? Regards.
I love my Dime...the bottle opener doesn't fold up, but I don't even know it's there in till I need to use it. I change my EDC up depending on where I'm going that week and it is always a part of my EDC.
Right on. Thanks!