Ancient Bog Oak Pens


There's something to be said about handcrafted tools. The finished product is a refined result of the maker's experience and skill, and holding it is holding a piece of that maker's history. Bourbon Pens is an online shop out of Alabama that specializes in working with upcycled materials, and their fourth project on Kickstarter makes use of a piece of history from the Earth itself. Ancient bog oak is between 4000 to 6000 years old, retrieved from peat bogs from England and Ireland. While the wood is buried, reactions with minerals preserve it from decay, causing it to harden and darken in the earliest stages of fossilization. Bourbon Pens have crafted this wood into a collection of seven modern pen designs, including a key fob canister, bullet pen, and fountain pen, all in the oak's rich, dark color, outfitted with chrome hardware, and utilizing common refills. Potential backers have just under two weeks to be a part of the wood's continuing legacy.


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I had one made for me a while back from an Irish gentleman, mine came from Bog Kildare, Ireland. These are awesome quality items, I love mine.
Thanks for sharing Mikey! Awesome product. :)
That's awesome! Yet another reason I love this site!

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