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STEP 22 Gear Bags

Jonathan Tayag
STEP 22 Gear Bags

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We spend a lot of time talking about paring down to the essentials with a low-profile, lightweight everyday carry. But sometimes you need big bags for big missions, especially if you’re bringing camping gear and recovery essentials out to the great outdoors. And when that is your mission, your standard EDC daypack won’t cut it. Even regular backpacking bags meant for traveling light may not suit your needs. The heavy-duty bags made by STEP 22 are different. Take their Tamarin Truck or their Rhino Rig-A-Maroll, for example. They are purpose-built to hold the large camping gear you need in the field and get it all back in one piece at the end.

Tamarin Trunk

Where most EDC packs try to keep things square and compact, the 18.5-liter STEP 22 Tamarin Trunk is purpose-built to carry odd-shaped items. Its rectangular shape makes it great for fitting irregular items like tripods, camp stoves, ropes, breaker bars, and other things into the field. The topside handle strap lets you grab this bag quickly out of tight storage spaces, and the YKK zippers stand up to constant use and heavy loads. When the bag isn’t too full, you can use the removable compression straps to tighten things to a smaller package.

But when you need it, the Tamarin Trunk will hold up to the most demanding outdoor loads. 500 denier mil-spec nylon cloth is substantially water-resistant, but STEP 22 has gone to the next level by using C.R.A.W.L. construction. C.R.A.W.L. stands for “Coated, Rugged, All-Weather,” and it consists of additional DWR treatment to the cloth to make sure water doesn’t permeate into the contents of your pack when you get caught out in the rain. And it can do all that while weighing just 1.6 pounds unloaded.

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Rhino Rig-A-Maroll

The Rhino Rig-A-Maroll is a heavy-duty adjustable roll-top bag that lets you adjust the amount of bag space you need to get the job done. The bag’s total unrolled capacity is a massive 67 liter, collapsing to an average capacity of 44 liters when rolled down to size. This serious capacity lets you carry bulky items like sleeping bags with ease, and its looser structure and zip-down front drop panel let it be completely versatile with whatever you’re carrying.

And its mixed 1000/500D CRAWL construction means it’ll keep the elements out when you’re on the go. With its customizable ID patch, you can label the bag for easy identification if you travel with a group; it also lets you add a bit of flair to your gear.

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With the STEP 22 outdoor bags, you get a unique design that stands out from the plethora of standard adventure bags available on the market. Their ability to take on big and bulky loads without adding too much heft makes them unique. And the fact that a portion of every dollar spent with STEP 22 goes to wildlife conservation helps make picking a STEP 22 bag a good choice for your outdoors everyday carry.

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