2015 Rubyist's EDC

Buddy Magsipoc
Rubyist (age 28)
Umbrella optional

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kwelsh ·
Where did you get the wallet?
Nerdface Killah ·
Is that a wireless mech keyboard?
Cool setup, I am assuming you use vim as a editor? Not having my arrow keys would drive me nuts in Sublime.
why the keyboard?
I mean: you've got a keyboard builded-in in you macbook!
Bernard Capulong ·
The membrane-based chiclet type keys on the MacBook pale in comparison to the tactile experience of a mechanical keyboard, especially when you type ALL day. When I'm writing on the site, typing at ~140wpm the mechanical keyboard offers a much more precise, smoother experience. When it comes to peripherals, especially things I physically interface with (and to perform best at work, no less) I'd opt for the best I can get. The 60% keyboards like the one shown here are good for programmers who don't really need F keys, a num pad, arrow keys, and so on — some nimble maneuvering with an Fn key usually gets all of that functionality. Like carrying a knife, writing with a fountain pen, etc, it's one of those things you gotta try for yourself to really understand and appreciate.
Buddy Magsipoc ·
^yeah exactly this. once you go mech, there's no turning back. Plus the Poker II is actually really light.
Mikey Bautista ·
Hey man, thanks for submitting, welcome to the site!
Buddy Magsipoc ·
Bernard Capulong ·
Nice Kindle and mech! I've been holding out for a Leo FC660M but I might jump on the Poker 3 hype train
Buddy Magsipoc ·
Holding up on all mech kb purchases (except that keyboard sleeve) until the pok3r drops!