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Craighill x Huckberry EDC Kit

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Jonathan Tayag
Craighill x Huckberry EDC Kit

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Looks aren't everything when it comes to EDC, but having a set of gear made to look and work together in concert is undeniably a good thing. Take the Craighill exclusive EDC Kit made in collaboration with our friends at Huckberry, for example. You get four everyday carry essentials in one convenient package with a consistent and attractive design language with Craighill written all over it. If you aren't familiar with Craighill, they focus on making functional and timeless essentials that look great and work even better. And in this Huckberry-exclusive set, you get a keyring, capsule, EDC pen, and knife. It's an excellent option for a gift this holiday season (even if it's a gift for yourself).

The Craighill EDC pen is a modified version of their Kepler writing implement. Where the original used a click mechanism to deploy the Schmidt 635 ink refill cartridge, the Huckberry exclusive EDC pen uses a brass twist cap. The design of the pen allows you to have a way to jot down notes or sign documents at a moment's notice. With it, you can free yourself from the terrible disposable pens you find at banks and restaurants. Its beautiful yet functional design makes it an excellent option for office carry, letting you sign with authority.

The food-safe anodized aluminum Key Capsule covers you for EDCing your daily vitamins or medicine. Precision-machined with a threaded lid, it's a much more attractive and compact carry option than traditional plastic pill carriers. And if you don't carry medicine or prescriptions regularly, the Key Capsule lets you have small EDC essentials. With it, you could take a thread and needle, some compacted cash, or anything else you can think to fit.

The Lark Knife is the centerpiece of the Huckberry x Craighill EDC Kit. It features a low-profile 12C27 Sandvik stainless steel blade with a compact 1.5" length that makes it great for light-duty EDC cutting, slicing, and even piercing tasks. The flipper opening gives it one-handed carry convenience. Still, you can also opt for a more deliberate manual thumbstud deployment. The flipper tab also acts as a guard when the blade is deployed and locked into place with the stainless steel and brass handle. That means even though the handle is a minimal 2.6" long, you won't end up cutting yourself on your knife if you force things a little bit through rough material.

Holding everything together is the Craighill Offset Keyring. It’s cast out of solid stainless steel and combines a keyring and a hook in one convenient package. All the Craighill x Huckberry EDC kit items slot into the keyring, letting you carry them together, ready to go. To open the keyring, you unscrew the mechanism and then turn it back into place when you complete your tasks. And the hook lets you attach it to your belt loop or some other gear while you travel.

With the Craighill x Huckberry EDC Kit, you can jumpstart your everyday carry with considered essentials that look as good as they work for you. And even if you're not looking to change things up for yourself, it's an excellent choice for holiday gifting. Click the link below to learn more about this exclusive everyday carry kit that you can find only at Huckberry.

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