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Prometheus Design Werx's Outstanding Outerwear for the Coming Cold

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Prometheus Design Werx's Outstanding Outerwear for the Coming Cold

While it’s easy to get away with old shorts and a t-shirt during the hotter summer months, winter forces you to think extra hard about what you wear outside. The colder seasons require pieces that are not only warm but also tough enough to withstand extreme weather. Whether you make a living working outdoors, have an inconvenient commute that exposes you to the elements more than you would like, or know that you’ll shovel the driveway soon, some tough jackets and hoodies are always a worthy investment.

That’s where Prometheus Design Werx comes in. The company makes all kinds of EDC tools and goodies, but it also has an impressive apparel line that can make all the difference in the coming months. The pieces highlighted here are some of the options that showcase how the company takes staple cold-weather clothing you might find on your father’s coat rack, given a modern twist. The clever designs, rigid materials, and the fact that they’re made entirely in the USA make them worthy of attention if you want to upgrade your cold-weather gear.

Stratus Down Hoodie

Winter isn’t coming, it’s here. Whether you like it or not, it’s time to start layering up. If you don’t have a quality hoodie in your coat closet, you should check out the Stratus Down Hoodie. This could easily act as your jacket on a cold day, or you can layer it underneath another coat in extreme cold. It has goose-down making it a great heat insulator while still maintaining airflow. The Stratus’s exterior is made with hydrophobic 20D nylon, so you don’t have to worry about getting caught in the rain. It also cinches at the bottom and has elastic cuffs for locking things down and conserving heat. The best part is that it’s highly compressible. You can also pack it down into a neck pillow, making it a great travel companion when you get off the plane into another climate.

Stratus Down Hoodie - Mission Gray

Stratus Down Hoodie - Outpost Blue

Roam Jacket

Every wardrobe needs a workhorse. PDW's Roam Jacket aims to be that thoroughbred. It’s a modern take on the traditional trucker jacket with upgraded materials to future-proof an iconic design. The design might look familiar, but the jacket is made of a soft-shell fabric that PDW calls Expedition Cloth. The 4-way stretch fabric makes it comfortable for everyday wear, while the DWR coating and YKK zippers make it tough enough for unfriendly weather conditions. Along with the two regular jacket pockets, you’ll get two chest pockets big enough to fit a smartphone and two internal pockets. One unique feature of this jacket is the secret zippered pocket tucked into the back of the collar, which is perfect for stashing some cash or smaller emergency items.

Roam Jacket EC - ATB

Roam Jacket EC - UFG

Defiant Hoodie

A versatile, water-resistant hoodie is a staple if you live in areas where the weather can be unpredictable. The Defiant Hoodie by PDW is a technical hoodie perfect for casual wear on a night out or trekking on your next adventure. The Schoeller All-Weather material isn’t only waterproof and breathable, but quick dries in a pinch and UVA- and UVB-resistant to protect against rays. Plus, it stretches in 4 directions for a comfortable fit. You’ll get four external pockets (two on the body and two on the sleeves) with cord anchors to keep your gear from falling out. Then there’s also the zippered internal gear for smaller essentials like your wallet or keys. This should be on your shortlist if you’re in the market for a versatile hoodie or shell to bring with you anywhere.

Defiant Hoodie - Universal Field Gray

Defiant Hoodie - Rogue Green

Defiant Hoodie - Syth Black

DRB Woodsman Shirt

Few clothing pieces are as classic as the flannel, and PDW takes the staple to its ultimate level with the DRB Woodsman Shirt. Made of a nylon and Melton wool blend, this flannel is a technical piece that looks great and is all but guaranteed to last. It also has a few quality-of-life touches that bring this classic piece into the modern era. For one, the elbows are double-reinforced for extra longevity, and the dual chest pockets have slotted buttons for securing smaller items that tend to fall out of other pockets. This jacket even has a small pen/pencil slot for when you’re working on something and need to make a few marks. For a tough three-season shirt you can rely on, the DRB Woodsman is as good as it gets.

DRB Woodsman Shirt - Navy Blue

DRB Woodsman Shirt - Gray Tweed

This is a sponsored post presented by Prometheus Design Werx.

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