Chris Sanchez
Deputy (age 45)
I’ve finally found the carry that makes my heart content. Years back I had a legit EDC, then I found the “EDC Community” and I was back and forth chasing knife trends, pen companies, Titanium thingamajigs, and brass so and so’s. February 2022, I got the Chris Reeve’s Umnumzaan from KnifeJoy, and I was hooked. Then came the SureFire torch, followed by the YBO Estella Daily Duo. Next thing I knew, I had a legit EDC again. And how much do I love the Zaan? I bought a second one to carry “off-duty”. So now, I have one for work and another for when I’m off. Everything in the photo is what I carry on my person, or in my NutSac TacSac13; either way, these are the tools I choose day in and day out. Furthermore; you can probably guess that my carry revolves around self-defense and protection. I love learning new techniques and tactics as much as I do teaching people how to defend themselves. I’ve ALWAYS believed that your carry or loadout begins with mindset. I admit I love the trends around the community, I love seeing people’s carries and all the pouches, challenge coins, etc. Funny thing is; most of it’s rooted in Military history. If you were in the Marine Corps Infantry and caught without pen and paper; there’d definitely be hell to pay. If you were at a bar and challenged by a coin being slapped down next to you, you better have a coin of your own or you’re buying the bar. The community is great, it’s fun, and if we can get over the occasional “Jr High BS”, we can get back to where it was. Let’s make EDC great again.

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Eli Cogdill ·
Interesting insight on the challenge coin. I had no idea of it's origins other than that it was militaristic. Very cool carry by the way.