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North St. Bags Upcycled Collection

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Adam Molina
North St. Bags Upcycled Collection

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The Venn diagram of bags made for cyclists and bags great for everyday carry is basically a circle. They both require a high level of durability, water resistance, and comfort. North St. Bags has been a go-to brand for cyclists for a while, and their bags check all of these boxes. The company's newest Upcycled line of bags offers a few different options that have been recycled and repurposed from donated and reclaimed tough materials like sailcloth and lightweight vinyl. Whether you’re looking for a new main pack or a complementary bag for your commute and daily errands, these are worth checking out.

LTD Upcycled Pioneer 8 Hip Pack

Fanny packs are back! A classic backpack isn’t always necessary if you only carry smaller essentials. The LTD Upcycled Pioneer 8 Hip Pack has a 1.5L capacity, perfect for your phone, keys, and snacks. The adjustable nylon belt makes it super flexible, so you can get the ideal fit, whether wearing it around your waist or slinging it over the shoulder. The rugged exterior means you won’t have to baby it on your next adventure, and because it’s water-resistant, you can trust that your gear will stay dry in a storm.

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LTD Upcycled Davis Daypack

Every person should have a reliable daypack, and the 20L LTD Upcycled Davis Daypack makes a great case for why this should be the one you go with. It’s a classic, rainproof roll-top bag that’s just as practical for long commutes as for a leisurely weekend adventure. It has a sternum strap that helps to distribute the weight evenly and keep the pressure off your lower back. Dual side pockets on either side are a convenient place to put water bottles and U-Locks, while a large external zippered pocket gives you quick access to your most used gear. The main compartment also has rows of loop fields, making them compatible with the separate Velcro-in Pockets for more flexibility in carrying.

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LTD Upcycled Gladstone Grocery Pannier

You know the trip home will be difficult if you get to the checkout at your local grocery store and see nothing but those giant brown paper bags. This is doubly true if you’re a cyclist. The 16L LTD Upcycled Gladstone Grocery Pannier aims to fix that by being a durable, high-capacity grocery bag perfect for cyclists. You can quickly mount it to your bike rack, and the flap-top cover protects your food on your ride home. Plus, it’s highly water-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about it getting home with a soggy brown bag. It’s just as practical on foot as well, thanks to dual carrying handles and shoulder strap attachment points.

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LTD Upcycled Micro Pannier 14L

Most trips probably don’t require a full-sized pack. For those occasions, there’s the LTD Upcycled Micro Pannier bag. This is great for cyclists who don’t carry too much and only need a spare change of clothes or lunch. On the flip side, this is just as useful if you consistently find your typical backpack is too small on some days. Toss this side hauler on your bike; now you have a little extra space for whatever you need. It weighs just 13.5 ounces and comes in 10L or 14L configurations, so you can decide which capacity best fits your needs. Of course, it’s water-resistant and has a roll-top closure, so you can be confident that whatever you choose to put inside will stay dry no matter what.

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