Simplified and Essential EDC

Niko Huupponen
Imatra Finland
Keys, wallet, phone and headphones are carried daily, as well as a Victorinox, Climber, Compact or Wanderer. The Magsafe in the case is surprisingly usable for the iPhone, I usually use it when driving, I put the phone in the magsafe-holder for charging, you don't need anything extra when the magnet holds the phone in place.

My keys also has a Pokka pen wit Dokk, it's basicly dock for pen and is surprisingly often used. also my keys has 58mm size SAK, now it's that Prime, because sometimes it's not acceptable to carry and use a bigger-sized knife with me and the Trayvax Lanyard, which has a durable and practical quick release, helps with this.

It's almost always dark in Finland in winter, so it's good to have a flashlight that allows you to see a little further and is usefully efficient. For me that Olight i3T is perfect EDC-flashlight.

As a wallet, I use the Jämä card wallet sold by Varusteleka, which holds all the four cards I need. Apple's airtag is really good, after searching for keys a few times for a long time, I decided to try it and I'm not disappointed, the replaceable battery is a surprising consumer-friendliness from apple.

Victorinox have been with me in my pocket and backpack for as long as I can remember, sometimes as a little boy I watch MacGyver on TV and it probably became a habit because of that, and SAK has everything I need, I always carry my climber/wanderer with me and it can be several days when only in my pocket, but when I need scissors and there are no others nearby, Victorinox saves.

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