Typical Weekday/Workday Carry

Casey Ryan
Photographer (age 25)
Cincinnati, OH
This is basically everything I keep all day though the work week. Basic tools to get me though with anything that might be thrown my way in the IT, Rental, or Production duties that I perform. This Carry is corporate approved for the most part, as I'm in and out of corporate buildings often.

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Bangyhud ·
nice glasses bitch !
Mike M ·
Any idea which size the S-biner is? 2 or 4? Trying to figure out what size to get for 3 or 4 key rings.
Casey Ryan ·
Mike - The S-biner is a #4. I like having my car separate from the rest of my keys, Its a little tight, but not uncomfortable. I've had to switch it around though in the last month, the slide-lock on the key side was no longer locking. but this is after about a years worth of EDC.
Those 1900's safety glasses are very cool.
luis mercado ·
This looks like the EDC of a steampunker hahaha love it!
Shawn Bailey ·
Love the homemade leather holster for the multi-tool! Looks pretty sweet
Bill C ·
Love the Fossil strap on your Pebble. I'm still looking for the "right" band for mine, it is the only thing keeping me from wearing it constantly. Can you still feel alerts through it?
Casey Ryan ·
Bill -
I was worried at first with the strap. But, after nearly a year of every day wear, I still feel all notifications just perfect!
Bill C ·
Thanks Casey for the reply. It definitely opens up ideas for what to look for! Also I can't believe nobody has commented on the glasses, for surely they make the world look better when worn :)
Casey Ryan ·
Hah! No Problem glad I can help! As for the Saftey Glasses... Believe it or not they are what used to be used for welding. It took a long time to find them, (roughly a year) of antiquing to get ones in good shape and not outrageous price. I'm currently looking for some additional lenses to have tinted a little darker and have my prescription put in so I can use them when I'm driving.