January 2023

Burgerflipper (age 49)
United States

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Eli Cogdill ·
Why all the paracord? No hate. just curious.
BurgerBuddy ·
To be honest, I could probably do without it. But it fits in a leg pocket on the Carhartt pants I wear and I forget it's there, and once in a great while it comes in handy. I've used it to tie things that would be in my way out of my way when I'm working on something (like when working on a furnace or hot water heater in a basement). I've used it to tie the back car door when hauling something too big. I've used it to hang my flashlight when working on something in the dark. I've used it to tie things to my motorcycle like that spur of the moment stop at the store when I didn't have a backpack. So just on rare occasions like that it's come in handy. Sometimes you just gotta tie something up! (One of these days I'm going to foil a bankrobber's plan and I'll have him tied up for the police when they arrive, lol.)
Eli Cogdill ·
Awesome answer. Thanks man.
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