Lotus 49 EDC

Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala
I integrated this EDC based on the color scheme of the Lotus 49, with which in 1968 the legendary Jim Clark won his last Grand Prix. In addition to the colors, I also tried to represent the variety of materials that integrated the sophisticated Formula 1 cars of the 1960s, such as leather, rubber and steel, to produce a highly useful kit.

The watch is a tough and reliable Casio HDA-600, and the SAK is a Victorinox Compact, which I customized with hunter green scales, a color which is pretty close to British racing green, plus I added a suspension clip that I attached it with double sided sticky foam tape, and it works great. I added a Swisscard Nailcare to the EDC, mainly for the magnifying glass and screwdrivers, but the glass file has come in handy on several occasions. To the keychain I added a TT-Chopper, from TT Pocket Tools, which apparently is no longer manufactured, a copper flashlight from Maratac, and other tools to increase the utility of this EDC.

I hope you like it, and see you at the finish line.

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Eli Cogdill ·
Love the meaning behind the color scheme. Great attention to detail. Awesome carry!
Espartaco ·
Thank you Eli 👍
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