Scout it Out!

Justin Kim
Los Angeles, CA
This is a light, under-equipped EDC for those nostalgia-induced days when I feel like going out for a long walk, snapping photos, writing notes and listening to good tunes. I keep the tiger pin from Boy Scouts of Korea to remind me of my roots and to always be prepared. In this case, I'm prepared to soak in my surroundings and get inspired by the experience.

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Justin Kim ·
Thanks everyone! Good to see some film enthusiasts here. I used to shoot B&W for the high school yearbook and it's fun to use something analog every once in a while. It's a nice exercise in patience, deliberately taking each shot and waiting for each roll to get developed. It really makes you appreciate the magic of photography.
Redmond Bandy ·
It's interesting to see people still using film this day in age. Could you give some reasons why you still use one?
localizer ·
Nice Bertucci watch there!
Phillip Kite ·

Are we related? My first camera was a black case AE-1 program wish I never sold it! + spyderco + Lego storm trooper LED!
LaBrousse ·
Kim, I like your EDC set and I like specialy description of it. It say a lot. Thanks.