New additions to work carry

John Wallace
Concord, CA
I recently purchased a Milwaukee fastback utility knife to replace my lost gerber prybrid. When it comes to job related carry, I try to use a utility blade to help keep my edc knife in as good of shape as I can.

For this picture I omitted my carry knife just to stream line the picture and to focus more on the items that I typically keep on my person and that are utilized while on the job.

The Milwaukee inkzall mark is probably self explanatory, the knipex cobras work great on the spot to hold or remove smaller nuts and bolts, saving a trip to the tool box on the truck. The lynchnw AAP is something I actually use alot, I can do a entire blog on disproving the edc pry bar naysayers.

That is all for this post, have a great day all. And keep carrying.

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