"Once, there was an explosion..."

Sweetleggzz Roy
Atlanta, GA
Another Death Stranding carry this week.
The fishing knot bandana seemed appropriate for the "strand game." t comes in handy as I scout out for the "Knot Cities." The Goodr glasses will have to do until I can afford that Ludens Mask, I'm afraid. The velcro Bridges patch is from the official Kojima website. The Casio felt right for the anachronistic, Japanese auteur, Kojima. The Dango ultem pen and capsule look too much like the BB pod for me to leave out. I went with the Kizer knife in brass as my "chiral" addition to the carry. The Microstream comes in handy when the timefall rolls in and I gotta circumvent some BTs. The "chiral" carabiner isn't for scaling the warped US landscape, but definitely gets daily use on that dog leash. The figure is from Figma, a Japanese company and a recent addition from my last trip to Nagoya.

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Action figure 🔥🔥🔥
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Your my boy! Blue!