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Blacksburg, VA
Not pictured (unless you count the lens): HTC One

Most of this setup is between one and two years old. The backpack, which I love, has finally started to fray a little bit (after lasting longer than any other I've tried; I tend to abuse them), and seems to have been discontinued in the mean time. Oh well.

The oldest item here is the calculator, which I bought in 2012. It's a truly excellent thing to have if you're an engineering student, and in my opinion, HP's calculators knock the pants off of TI's offerings. I'm not sure why TI has become the de facto standard.

The most recent item is the cord organizer, which is due to a friend's generosity. The time previously spent untangling that monstrosity can now be spent hacking. Hooray!

The Squirt ES4 may not be as manly as many EDC choices, but holy cow is it useful if you're into electronics.

The Miquel Rius notebooks are the best I've ever owned and I use them constantly for everything. The A4 one is something like the tenth I've used.

I didn't used to carry headphones with me everywhere, but recently I've been working in busy areas, and I've found over-ear headphones to be pretty useful for that.

Linux's touchpad drivers make me weep; I can't use the beautiful glass precision instrument that came with my computer when I'm booted into Arch. Thus the Microsoft Ergo-mouse. It's really nice, with a convenient magnetic door concealing the battery and USB dongle.

I also can't say enough good things about the Pilot G-Tec pen. So smooth.

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