Flight attendant EDC

Cody McGhie
Las Vegas, Nevada
Being in the airline industry, my #everydaycarry can be quite limited to what I’m able to bring with me. I bounce between Pacific standard time and central time so the #casio Calculator watch comes in handy with the duel-time function. To keep my keys organized and quiet I use the beautiful #keysmart titanium key organizer that is attached to my Toyota Tacoma key. #Fieldnotes are extremely durable pocket notebooks and come in handy while taking notes on the go; to compliment the field notes and solve the problem of Gel pens not working very well 35,000 + feet in the air; the #R0tring800 makes for an incredible everyday carry writing instrument, especially for those individuals who prefer graphite over ink. The Lost Dutchman’s wallet known as the “ Jackson” was a gift from my girlfriend and fits perfectly in my front left pocket or rear left pocket. Cash is still king in 2023 so I carry my #ChawleyChanger coin holder so I can always pay exact change. Last but not least my go-to flashlight is the #OlightS1R baton. I’ve had this light for years now and it’s never failed me. An impeccable light for its size and price. When I’m not a pirate in the skies I carry a #SpydercoDelica4 that is used for all my cutting needs.

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Ludwig ·
A COIN DISPENSER some years ago i spent hours looking for this and never found it