My EDC 2015

Richard Wezensky
Art Director (age 48)
Richardson, Texas
Some of my items were discovered, HERE, on EDC. Thanks for being my new obsession.

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Michael Burch ·
Is your Wingman black or silver? I've been looking for a non-shinny version.
Cthulhu ·
How do you carry the Maxpedition Mini Pocket Organizer?
Jason Butz ·
I second this question. I have one that works great if I have cargo pockets, but getting it in and out of jeans is no easy feat. Plus adding in a cellphone and wallet and my jeans have no room for it.
Richard Wezensky ·
I am actually pretty new to the Maxpedition Mini Pocket Organizer (discovered here on EDC), so I have been carrying it in the pocket of my winter jacket.

My intent is to just carry it around and let it become my hand-carried pocket. The ultimate goal is to get all the crap out of my pant pockets, so that they dont bulge so much (my wife was complaining about how sloppy it looks). Now I just have my un-cased phone and thin wallet in my pant pockets, which also helps reduce the droop from all the weight.

I have a feeling that I will get tired of not having both hands free, so I may end up tossing it in my backpack.
Richard Wezensky ·
I like not having any jingling keys, but it does require an occasional adjustment.
Nice! How do you like the keysmart? I was thinking about getting one, but I heard that the pivots come loose (at least that's what Amazon reviews are telling me.)
Dan Landin ·
KeySmart is awesome. They do come loose after a month or so. Just a quick touch up is all it takes.
Bernard Capulong ·
Thank you for sharing! I'm glad to see you found some awesome gear that works for you through the site and the community.