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Rim of the World Caifornia
It's nice to be in SoCal. You also gotta be ready for anything.

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Forgive me if i'm wrong, but isn't that the Micro Maxpedition Organizer? The "Mini" has an additional elastic stitched on top of the larger elastic. Unless you took it off?

Also, how do you carry this?
You're right! It's the micro.
I used to have the same Leatherman, switched to the sidekick after I lost it. Also have the same flashlight, carry that and the leatherman with me when on duty in the Air Force. Great products!
Like the glasses!
Thanks! I've got a big round head but like Aviator style glasses. These are some of the few that fit well. I've got the polarized, anodized rim version the "Showtime."
Thanks! This is the older version of the SeaStar Chrono.