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Leatherman Tread QM1

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The Leatherman Tread is one of the more innovative multitools of late, but one function it’s lacking is time telling. The TSA-compliant Leatherman Tread QM1, on the other hand, straps a Swiss-made, quartz-powered timepiece to its highly functional Tread bracelet. The watch itself is water resistant to 200 meters and boasts sapphire crystal to shrug off scratches through heavy use. Then, if you need access to any of its 19 tools — which include a bottle opener, carbide glass breaker, pick/SIM card tool, a cutting hook, and a large variety of screw and hex drivers — just take it off, fold the strap, and get to work.

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Interesting....Don't know if I like it. For the cost, I'd buy a Victorinox Alliance, ZT knife, and a Leatherman Surge.
I can already feel the hair on my wrist being ripped out by that band...
Justin Lindsay ·
When I first saw this I was really excited. I'm a huge fan of Leatherman. It would be my first bracelet ever, even though it honestly wouldn't get much use. But then I saw the price. There's no way I can justify buying it.
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