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Decided to try the obstructures wallet. So far so good, really like the clean and slim looks it gives. Also decided to break out the black monster, its been awhile since its been out of storage.

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Too bad Altoids don't come in black.. Sweet set though!!
Thank you, hopefully one day Altoids will realize we need some tactical mint cases! haha
Cool stuff! Love the HK and A2 card holder.
Thanks! The HK is awesome
Completely love my Obstuctures A3!
Didn't even know about the Gerber Dime. Thanks for the heads up....
Monster buddy! Have you thought about upgrading to the Sharktooth? I think I still prefer the SKX's design.
I didn't even know about the sharkstooth. Looks cool but not my style. Keeping it simple with the monster
I've been looking into the other Monsters as well, Frankenmonster, Field Monster, Baby Monster -- I still find that the original is the one for me. No other combo of price, automatic, and nice, non-numbered, and THICK indices for max lume.