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Pebble Time Smartwatch

Ed Jelley

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Pebble continues to innovate in the smartwatch world with their newly-announced model, the Time. The Time features a full color e-paper display, which enables the watch's battery to go for an entire week without needing a charge. New features include Timeline, a UI for checking your daily schedule at a glance, and an on-board mic for voice controls. The case has undergone a redesign as well, measuring in at 20% thinner than the original and gently curved for greater comfort. The stainless steel bezel, Gorilla Glass screen, water resistance, and extensive customizability make the Time ideal for those who want to EDC something smarter than your standard quartz watch.


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I get the feeling they're getting out ahead of the Apple watch and new Android wear launches - the price point and battery life would make this a more practical option, but I hope it can stand up against the coming Apple hype wave. They've completely smashed their funding goal, so it looks like Pebble might have some chance of surviving Android wear and Apple watch - but if the big guys' prices come down and integration and features goes up, who knows.