Maxpedition EDC Pocket Organizer


Maxpedition is a brand known for its quality storage gear. Their pocket organizers see plenty of action in EDC submissions from our readers and even in our own forum. True to its name, The EDC Pocket Organizer fits most lengths of knives, lights, or pens, and internal elastic organizers and pockets ensure everything stays in place. It's easy to take anywhere or attach to anything with its oversized handle and MOLLE-compatible rear webbing. You can also flair it up with your favorite morale patch on its front loop field. Lightweight, reinforced nylon keeps it all together, and high quality dual zippers ensure the safety of your carry.


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The Micro organizer is my favorite. I've gifted a couple and I always come back to them. They're perfect as a back-up EDC kit that you can throw in your backpack, duffle, and for those with babies, diaper bags.
All their stuff is awesome, hope to see them available in more stores soon.
Simply can't go wrong. And make no mistake, the Maxpedition gear is more than just a brand name, I've surveyed several similar products by other manufacturers and Maxpedition's gear stands above in quality and functionality.
Every new one I get becomes my favourite until I use one of my older ones then it's my favourite. Excellent quality kit. Never got a bad one.
After years of using old small zip-bags I finally decided to buy three of these babies; One green mini and a green and khaki micro. It's playtime now to decide what goes where, when and how.
I carry the Micro in my Maxpedition Versipack as a first aid kit. It's the perfect size.
I love my Micro and when I'm finished configuring it, the Mini will be next up for purchase.
These little guys are super versatile!