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Defence (age 27)
Brisbane, Australia
Everyday on the job

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Ty Kenworthy ·
what notebook is that? (I am assuming it is a notebook).
Ben ·
Jasper might correct me but I think it's an Australian Defence Force issued notebook.
Jasper ·
Yea correct Ben.
Ben ·
Where did you get the benchmade. On deployment? They're a pain in the arse to get in Australia.
Jasper ·
yea I got it from a USAF BX store.
Bill C ·
Jasper, how do you like the Nomad Charge Key? I have been eyeing it for a while, but would love to hear some real-world input from another EDC enthusiast.
Jasper ·
To be honest I've had problems. The first one I had lasted a few weeks before it started cutting in and out. Nomad replaced it free of charge. The replacement broke at the iPhone end after first use pulling it out of the phone. I contacted them again and they need me to send it back before replacing it. I live in Australia and I'm away a lot so I never bothered. I still use the faulty one as a back up charge cable. At the right angle it works.
Bill C ·
Jasper, thanks for the reply, I'll certainly keep that in consideration.
Jordan Edward ·
My digger
Jasper ·
I see what you did there!