Light Field Carry

As an Environmental Consultant, I never have a "typical" day. I have varying degrees of office and field days, and the equipment I need changes depending on the type of project or work site I am at. This carry is close to what I would use when I'm performing a non-invasive assessment on a property. I try to look neat and tidy as this is usually a first meet with a new client. I prefer all-weather style notebooks because I work outside rain-or-shine, and oft times my work requires groundwater sampling. I use the 550-4F because its contents become legally defensible in a court of law.

I use a camera to take pictures for my records, as well, as this is the easiest way to remember things. I typically keep my work laptop on me, also.

Thanks for looking

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Nothing like a worn-in American made hankee!
Yup, that's my multi-tool