My Everyday Carry

Thomas Rick
New Orleans, LA
Just to tackle the needs of everyday.

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Kevin ·
I think this is a complete perfect carry man. All bases covered. Well done!
Thomas Rick ·
Thanks, man. I checked out your EDC and it looks like you also subscribe to the Holy Trinity: knife, light, multitool. Cheers.
Mikey Bautista ·
How are you liking the T10T? I'm ordering one right now as a result of the Titanium article this very moment, haha.
Thomas Rick ·
I love it. I bought it to replace an aging 4Sevens Preon P2. The T10T is the perfect size for carry, it takes standard batteries, it has plenty of lumens, it has a nice memory function, it has only three simple modes, it's made out of titanium, and you'll be hard pressed to find a light with similar pricing and similar capabilities.
Collin ·
I have a T10T as well but I am less fond of the clip. It opens on me and gets caught on things. I should say I don't have this problem with my knife or my pen.
Michael Mutant ·
Nice sunglasses, I'm a Ray-Ban fan myself.. also have a Mcusta Katana which is amazing. Great looking gear man.
Hassan Nurullah ·
I have an Invicta Pro Diver automatic, I do like that watch--I've been eying a Mcusta Tactility for ages, I really should pull the trigger.
Thomas Rick ·
I love the look of the Rolex Submariner, but I love paying 100th the price of one even more. Hence the Pro Diver.
Hassan Nurullah ·
One day, a Submariner or Sea Master.
Thomas Rick ·
One day, a long time from now. It's my grail watch. I started saving two years ago. A penny here and a penny there.
craig b ·
If there were a hall of fame this would be there. Great carry! Im taking lessons on this site!
Thomas Rick ·
Thanks, I really appreciate it. The hardest part I've found is not choosing the gear, but getting it to fit in your pockets. I think the best part of my carry is that everything here (with the exception of the sunglasses, of course), fit comfortably in a pair of jeans or khakis without looking like I have 100 lbs of rocks in my pockets
Bernard Capulong ·
everything in the bottom right corner is so dope
craig b ·
Bernard and his passion for shiny things :)