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Been following EDC for a long time and figured I should post what I have been EDCing for the past few years. I have added some things after seeing them posted up here. Some Way out of my price range and others are just right or if lost or stolen I'm not out a tone of money!!
As for what is chosen to carry-
Flashlight - not ready to spend a ton of cash on a light - this FL was an add on to an amazon order because it was cheap and tried of using my phone as a light.
Battery back up -
Iphone goes dead I charge it up !!
Nixon has great watches for the price this is my second Nixon I enjoy the acetate feel and its really light, I do rotate between the Nixon a Bulova Accutron and a Timex Scout on the weekends.
I'm a smoker got tired of friends taking the cheap bic lighter ( I do keep 2 bic lighters as back ups) had this since '97/'98 been through everything with me.
Keys/USB/Alarm remote-
Truck/house/office/misc keys all the time, like the keysmart or make one out of kydex.
The Alpine alarm/remote has been with me for many years and 3 vehicles, it has never let me down and has protected my vehicles since day 1, nothing stolen!!
USB drive -
Its only 8 gigs would like to have 64 or 128 for larger files to carry but this is great for quick small files - I may have to mod this for a larger drive as victorinox has discontinued them.
Wallet -
RFID killer, no one can get my info and it does work !! holds cash cards and other items very well too.
Pen -
The Zebra F-701 modded with spacepen ink and the F-402 metal tail cap. It is nice and heavy and writes on just about anything its clipped to me all the time
Had the skeletool since it came out was a straight blade but i dropped it and broke it sent it back and it came back with a serrated blade best damn tool/knife i have ever had use it every day.
Iphone -
Been a iPhone user since the original iphone and never had an issue with any of them, a few dropped calls or a shortness of battery but that is it.
Native Union cable -
Use it to charge my phone, its a little bulky but neat none the less.

Everything works for me either at the office on the town or out in the woods.

I do carry other gear in a backpack ( Mac book, cables, moleskin, camera and other items ) but it only goes to work or out of town. I will get to a bag dump soon!

Thanks EDC for a great site for inspiration and all the cool gear!

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Love the Iphone case , very bright essentials!
AJD haha yes it is bright - my 7 year old son gave me this for xmas ( both of us enjoy lego sets and enjoy the times we spend working with them ) i sometimes find my phone covered with lego things built up on the back of it or the random minifig having a dual with another one !! it makes my day to see them ! - oh yea its a really good case at that been dropped many times and never had one problem
I have the same light. I bought 3 of them for my boys to take to camp. Cheap in price but not a bad light at all.
its not really a bad light at all after about a month the pull head of the flashlight is a little more loose than when it was new so i would not trust it around water ! the lith batteries that came with it are ok and a light brighter than a standard aa battery and the aa battery last a little longer
Love the color of that watch!
thanks!! -- it is different for me as well, always had a worn a metal band or fabric but this acetate material is really nice. thought it would snag arm hair but is doesnt and the whole watch is nice and light like its not there !!
That phone case is pretty awesome! You should really carry a Lego Minifigure to take full advantage!
John -- somewhere at the house i have a minifig usb drive i had used it a few times then my son used it for a minifig battle so now im sure its at the bottom of the bin of minifigs !!!