Daily Work Essentials

Joel Williams
Journalist (age 37)
Atlanta, GA
This is what I take with me on a daily basis when I go to work. I work in a very loud newsroom, so the noise canceling headphones are essential. The trackballs on the computer mice at work have long since stopped functioning properly, which is why I carry a mouse but not a laptop to go with it. The Zojirushi travel mug keeps coffee insanely hot. I pour it into a mug I keep at my desk to get it down to a drinkable temperature. Thanks for taking a look!

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Mike ·
Zojirushi: I have the exact same one. Have to carry a cup with me to cool the coffee down. Love it and brag about it to anyone who likes coffee - Uniball Jetstream: favorite cheap pen. Been looking at the Rickshaw commuter bag too. Nice carry.
Joel Williams ·
Thanks! The Zojirushi can't be beat. Earlier this week I forgot my coffee when I left for work. 8 hours later, it was still drinkable.
Aaron ·
Great carry! I was thinking about getting the Maxpedition organizer but was not sure which size to get. What do you think of the fatty? What do you usually keep in there?
Joel Williams ·
Thanks! I like the fatty a lot, but it fills up quickly. I keep the flashlight, battery pack and magic mouse in there, as well as assorted cables and pens. It's also pretty versatile. I swap out the mouse for a 5 port USB charger when traveling to cut down on charging bricks.
Eugene ·
I use Maxpedition Fatty too. It's just great for EDC, fitting all the stuff needed. And if you carry just a little stuff, Fatty can be flattened to the thickness of a smaller Maxpedition's model (Maxpedition EDC).