Sunday Afternoon Shopping Trip

Mel R.
Oilfield Tech (age 45)
Once again I've displayed my lack of skill with photography...

Anyhow, these are the items I took with me on a shopping trip with the family. Well, all but one, the Victorinox. One of the reasons for the trip was to visit the Victorinox outlet in San Marcos, TX, so I left a spot open for the new purchase. Truth be told, if my wife and boys didn't become impatient with me handling all of the different models, there might be a couple more in the shot.

Unfortunately, I had to beat a hasty retreat with only a Classic SD to show for it...but I shall return!

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A J D ·
I think you've done an honest job of showing your EDC. Not a bad photo!
Mel R. ·
Thanks, A J D! I seem to struggle with lighting, though. I can never seem to get enough light on the items without causing a lot of shadows, which in turn causes the flash to go off and washes the color out.