TV Host and Podcaster Carry

Veronica Belmont
San Francisco, CA
  • MacBook Pro My workhorse. I upgraded from an Air back in 2013, since I wanted a boost in processing power and hard drive space. I do all my production work on here, from editing podcasts to making videos.
  • Apple iPhone 6 Never leave home without it.
  • Power adapters I've charged my phone in some weird places. Hey, a girl needs power!
  • Moo carrying case I love my Moo cards, and this case has a really nice finish to it. For some reason the way it fans out always impresses people. You never know when a trip to the coffee shop will turn into a networking opportunity!
  • Warby Parker Paley Sunglasses in Blue Marblewood The only prescription sunglasses I have. They don't quite fit my face but you can't return the prescription ones, so....
  • Apogee MiC I use this for podcasting on the road. It's very small, and the sound quality is pretty good. You can also record directly into your iPhone if you want to be extra portable.
  • Zojirushi SM-KHE48XA Stainless Steel Mug I can't believe how hot the coffee stays, and for how long. I bought this after seeing a review on Wirecutter, and it's been amazing. I can drink coffee that's been in it for 24 hours and it's not disgusting.
  • Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion My hands get dry in airplanes.
  • Sephora Makeup Case Because you never know when you'll need to be camera ready! This has an entire set of makeup brushes, as well as storage space for makeup compacts too. It's so small, and the quilting makes it feel luxurious.
  • Shure Earbuds I've had these forever, and I don't remember the exact model number. I've used many earbuds and headphones throughout the years (I went to school for audio / radio production, so sound is important to me) but these are the most comfortable ones I've found. Plus, the have a mic so I can take calls.
  • Fresh Sugar Advanced Therapy Treatment The best lip stuff ever. I use it before bed, on planes, where ever. And it tastes awesome!
  • Pepto-Bismol To-Go Because?
  • Random Thing of Hand Sanitizer I got this at a conference for free, so I just keep using it. I don't love hand sanitizer, but sometimes it's good in a pinch.
  • Advil Everyone should have Advil with them at all times, even if it's just for someone else.
  • Mini Hair Brush See #9
  • Audio Splitter This just stays in my bag because I always need it on long flights with my husband.
  • Kindle Paperwhite I host two book club shows online, so I'm reading all the time! I love physical books, but they're not convenient for traveling.

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Cameron Bean ·
Cool carry. I have been a big fan for a long time. Hope you and Scott get on Tom's show soon!