My EMT Everyday Carry

Sam Castanon III
Yakima, Washington
This is my EDC for my job as an EMT.
The Ring and Coin are personal and not
Tools,they are reminders.

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Eric H ·
How do you like the Leatherman Raptor? Former LA County and then Seattle EMS here. FD now.
Sam Castanon III ·
Those Raptors are amazing. Have not had them stall at all while cutting. Cut a 50¢ piece in 1/2 these other day with ease.
Eric H ·
Nice! Might have to get a pair. Just noticed you're from Yakima, is that an AMR rig in the background? I was Seattle AMR until last October, now FD on the east coast.
Looks like you have all your bases covered. I like it!
Sam Castanon III ·
Tyvm I was shocked to see it featured.
Jacob Burnett ·
I wish i could carry the sog tangle without being judged for it.I can legally carry it though.
Ádám Gy ·
What was your MOS in the USMC?
Great carry and thanks for your service!
Matthijs ·
Is the SOG Tangle a nice knive?
Thinking of picking one up..
Jacob Burnett ·
I have one i like it