My bug out bag

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This is my bug out bag.
I live in Poland. We have quite cold climate here. So this is why I have so much extra clothes in stored in furling bag. This equipment should allowed me to escape from war zone. You know Ukraine and Donetsk is quite close to my location.

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That Furling bag looks pretty cool, where can I buy one?
I was just as interested—this is all I can find on it thus far: https://www.facebook.com/furlingbag
The user who submitted the carry is saying it's a product he is going to start a Kickstarter for. So at this time I don't believe you can actually purchase it.
Damn you don't mess around!
especially with stanley bar ;)
This is now available on Kickstarter, I've made my pledge :D
Thank you for pledge.
I would like to invite everybody interested in this bag on my campaign!
Awesome! I want one of those furling bags in camo! ;)
That Furling bag looks nice. Like a more organized version of the Hoboroll.
How much does the kit weigh?
I always try not to exceed 10 kilos.
Excellent carry! Is the torch/flashlight waterproof?
Unfortunately no
I tried to stay in my not high budget

Thanks for all comments. I’m going to start kickstarter action on this April. Please like my page on facebook not to miss action start.
Extra torch is good idea. I have some light sticks as well.

What's the brand of the furling bag?
Wow, dude. Best wishes on you situation. You certainly are better prepared than most folks I'll bet. Good luck, Keep low!
That orange bag is slick!
I would add an improved first aid kit and an extra torch. You know, one is none. :)
Great kit by the way!
Regarding med kit. I plan to escape from war zone within 72H so this is I just planned pain killer and medical carbon with blood stopper. Any suggestion what will be also helpful …
I understand, it's just my opinion, a BOB must contains what you think you need. I'm Hungarian so we are in the same situation so I hope our BOB will be never used. I'll upload my BOB soon.
Yes. But it is always better to be prepared! Waiting to see your BOB
For your purposes, I would also suggest a wound suture kit (homemade or otherwise), a small bottle of grain alcohol for disinfectant and sterilization (just a few ounces should be sufficient, also works as fire fluid), and a couple of pills of the absolute highest strength pain killer you can find such as Percocet or higher to keep you moving in case of injury.
That is a point. I just forgot about disinfection! I was trying to get morphine but this is hard.I will go to pharmacy to get strongest painkiller
Dude don't forget toilet paper!