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DAFT Custom Combs

Ed Jelley

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Keep your hair in check with a customized comb by DAFT. The comb itself is made of a super-durable material similar to what they use in aircraft windshields. Solid brass hardware keeps the comb together and cleverly placed magnets keep it closed. The brushed finish on its built-to-last stainless steel body keeps unsightly scratches at bay. There’s also a built in bottle opener to pop open your favorite beverage. At 4.4” in length and just over .25” thin, the Daft comb will easily go unnoticed in your pocket. Add a personal touch like initials or a phrase to your comb with their easy-to-use Custom Design Feature and preview it before you order.

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Bernard Capulong ·
I have one, it's really neat. The action is smooth and the teeth are comfortable. There's an option for a leather pouch, which might be overkill since the comb is protected in the body when folded up, but it's a legit leather pouch if you're into that.