College Student E.D.C

Student (age 19)
Melbourne, FL
This is my extensive everyday carry as a college student in Florida. While some of these pieces are left behind from time to time, I like to be well prepared wherever I am. Enjoy!
Some more details on the pieces:

-The Swiss knife was a gift and I couldn't locate the model online.
-The flashlight is a bit of an off-brand however it's incredibly cheap and incredibly powerful.
-Parker pens have a sturdy build and beautiful ink flow at a very reasonable price
-The pocket screwdriver was purchased on a whim and rarely sees use. The title "precision" is very literal: The bits are tiny.

I hope ya'll enjoy this first submission!

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Another fellow Melbournite! Nice carry
Do you carry your CLC Tool Holder to the college? I have the same tool holder as well.
I like your wallet!
Nice EDC! I'm also a college student in FL