Kershaw Shuffle


The Kershaw Shuffle has many qualities that make for a great EDC knife. It has a nice blade length and shape at 2.4 inches, good ergonomics for its size, and a better grip thanks to the index finger choil. You also get a bottle opener, screwdriver, and built-in lanyard hole packed into its tiny, 3.25-inch closed length. If the high-visibility white handles don't do it for you, the Shuffle even gives you a choice of six other colorways. The only thing it doesn't do is put a dent in your wallet; at under $20, the Shuffle is as affordable (and collectible!) as it is useful.


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I have one, love the bottle opener. I drink a lot of beers.
I've had my fair share of EDC blades, I am also pretty knowledgeable in blade steels and heat treatment composition. Kershaw put out this product and it has found it's way into my pocket replacing my Benchmade at times. Just throwing it out there, the Shuffle, a Streamlight Microstream, and a Fischer Bullet Pen make up a GREAT simplistic Every Day Carry
I found this knife a couple of weeks ago and have just purchased another for my son in college...Awesome little knife.
Need this for my EDC!
It's a nice knife, but I stopped carrying it. The way the clip hangs the knife the bottle opener faces up in a pocket. I've caught a knuckle in it a number of times as I was reaching for keys, etc. Too bad you can't change the orientation of the clip- just which side of the handle. That being said, I do use it around the house a lot (including the occasional beer...).
I also have one. It's the perfect EDC knife: small, lightweight, durable and non-threatening. Amazon lists it at 16.98, which is a decent price. I paid 18 at Walmart.
I think I may get a teal one, then I can switch out between it and my Skyline.