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Suunto Essential Collection

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If you’re even slightly style conscious, there’s little chance of ever adorning your wrist with an outdoor watch. That is unless it’s part of the Suunto Essential Collection. These timepieces offer sapphire crystal covers, premium vegetable-tanned Italian leather straps, and far more minimal lines than we’d expect from rugged sports watches…

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ivanderful ·
Wow, it looks so modern and steampunk in the same time
Chris Szaroleta ·
Oh....oh....oh my.....
Bernard Capulong ·
Chris, contain yourself!
Mel R. ·
Bernard, that's about as likely as a blizzard in Miami on the 4th of July lol
Mel R. ·
I have to say, this is about the most perfect watch I have seen for the carry I want to build.
Rockett ·
Really liking the look of this!
Heretofore ·
Great look!

Copper colored looks awesome