What is in my pocket?!

Berlin, Germany
I really love this website and sometimes I'm looking at other peoples EDC for quite a long time. I have been inspired once and a while (for example I stumbled upon the amazing Seiko Orange Monster watch in a picture on this site a while ago), so I feel to give something back to all other people who love to look at what other people have in their pocket.

This is my every day carry. I love the Samsung S5. It's outdoor compatible (insensitive plastic back, waterproof, replaceable battery & sd-card) and I use it for GPS navigation on my bike trips and hikes. I always carry an extra battery for it with me because I also use it to buy (public transport and long distance) train tickets and don't want it to run out of power being in the train.

The Kindle contains around 50 books I need for my work (IT/Software related books). I read a lot of books to learn new technologies and the Kindle is the perfect device for me for this task. It just feels good to know that I can carry a huge amount of valuable books with me in such a small device.

The SECRID wallet holds all my cards and a small amount of cash. The Fenix flashlight is always on my side because sometimes I search spontaneously for Geocaches and a flashlight is quite helpful for that in some cases. I bought the Laguiole knife on a hike in the french alps (in Chamonix/Mont Blanc). It's handmade and has some really nice ornaments on the back (traditionally those knifes have a bee on the back, this one has an Alpen-Edelweiß). Last but not least there is my GMT-Master watch, which I really love for it's superb quality and precision. I wear a lot of different watches, but this one is by far my favourite.

I hope you enjoy the picture! I'm looking forward to see what's inside your pocket!

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Nice carry!
Miklos Pinter ·
I like your.... avatar. Amiga forever!
Alex ·
Love the addition of the Kindle. My job requires travel and usually that travel involves a great deal of waiting on the side of the MS river. Waiting in places where I might be the only person. My Kindle is the only thing that passes the time.
greg ·

Love the GMT.....have two of them myself