Pocket Dump - Monday

Designer (age 32)
Bangalore City, India
A minimalistic carry..This is what I had with me today at work.

Not seen in pic are my Sony XB450 Headphones, Sandisk 32GB Extreme Flash drive, Sony 5000mAH Portable Charger, Field Notes Book, Dell Precision M3800 laptop and multiple chargers. These are in my CaseLogic SLR-C-206 backpack.

I also have about 8 feet of paracord on a bracelet.

Hope you guys enjoy my EDC and feel free to ask any questions..

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Hector Flores Murillo ·
could you send me a link? I haven't been able to find the dangler yet.
Hector Flores Murillo ·
that munroe mega dangler, I have been looking for one for years, such nice polish!! that is a great EDC.
Thanks Hector. You can get stainless steel clones on ebay for around a dollar with shipping. They take a nice polished shine in no time. Heavier than the titanium original though. But they're cheap, extremely good quality and makes for great gifts. I given away so many and people always love it for its utility.

P.S - I don't usually advocate a clone. But Monroe doesn't make the original dangler anymore. Which is sad!